Specialist Cyber-Security

Technology Distributor

Fastnet Distribution is a specialist cyber-security technology distributor. We provide our expertise and insight to support and encourage positive business relationships between vendors and partners. We are always improving our channel to facilitate excellent communication that allows our quality partners and vendors to maximise customer retention and growth.


We do

Fastnet Distribution facilitates the provision of best-of-breed cyber-security products to our partners.

Fastnet Distribution offers vendors’ products in cyber-security, vulnerability management platforms, application security and enterprise password management platforms.

Our team is also available to assist in our partners’ sales process, ensuring a smooth adoption and transition for the end-users of our software vendors’ products.



Our team of technical experts provide professional insight and knowledge of cyber-security vendors to assist organisations with their vulnerability management.


Vulnerability Management

Providing a risk-adjusted approach to vulnerabilities…


Application Security

Protecting applications by identifying weaknesses allowing them to be remediated…


Password Management

Protecting assets through the provision of robust password management…